Thursday, July 5, 2012

Old Transport Ticket-Bus

The Mini Bus...... " Masuk, masuk. Blakang sikit. Masuk lagi. Masuk lagi.Masuk belakang Masuk . Chao kit Chao kit , kota raya kota raya....Mali Mali ......!"

none of the Malaysia around 80's to 90's can forget this ................That is Mini Bus ...............

Kuala Lumpur Mini-Bus or Bas Mini was one of the oldest and popular Malaysian public bus service in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley and started operating on 23 September 1975 . The buses were primarily painted pink with a white stripe on the sides, and had a capacity of 20-30 passengers.

In 1975, when the mini bus was introduced as a service, the bus-fare was just 40 sen. Later in 1991, the fare was increased to 50 sen while two years after, the fare was again adjusted to 60 sen. The mini bus did not have any fixed time-table. Instead,due to its smaller size. The bus operated on a commission basis and service operators being paid according to the fare they collected.

The mini-bus service was discontinued from 1 July 1998 onwards, to be replaced by the Intrakota bus service and, later, Rapid KL buses in 2005.

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